Apr 15, 2012

Pre-event Cramming and Update!

Fanime is only 40 days away. Am I ready? Woops. 
And remember me saying how easy it is to be distracted by TVXQ? That's still true. Just found videos from the SMTown Live in Tokyo (even though it was a year ago...), amazing things. And since I last updated, I didn't do a photoshoot at the beach, and I cut two cosplays away from my list: Ciel and Kuranosuke will never happen. I have the rose dress over halfway completed, so I may finish painting it and sell it for some extra money. 
The NorCal Cherry Blossom Festival is next week! Well, it actually started yesterday, but the Grand Parade is in a week? I have my 18th birthday that Saturday, and then I'm heading over to SF while wearing Irabu-sensei from Kuchu Buranko (just need a labcoat orz)
Here are some progress pictures to snack on~
 When my wig first arrived from Epiccosplay~ Won't be using those glasses, but those are my bear ears!
 My most recent progress from a week by myself. Hand-dyed the wig with FW ink, and then covered it in hairspray and literally painted on the wig with acrylics and Sharpie paint pens.
 Clown pants! Hot pink quilting cotton hand-painted with handmade fabric paint...that makes me sound cool. It's just acrylic paint with this weird mix-in solution you can buy at Joanns OTL

In regards to my Fanime projects, everything is at 50%+ completion...
For Type H: make bootcovers, assemble/dye wig, buy accessories (belts, ect.)
For Panty (uniform): PAINT SOCKS
For Panty (default): dye dress some more...I think that's it.
For Stocking (default *commission*): white details, blue sash+bows
For Kyary: buy shoes, curl wig, fix monster-bow, add more bags to the skirt, LEARN BEST DANCE EVER

So I just forgot that I finished and got pictures of Shiemi...
(Taken at the NorCal Spring Gathering in San Jose) 
 Taken by Ben Lam
Taken by EurobeatKing

About the costume:
The yukata is made from a quilter's cotton, and is completely hand-painted with a mix of fabric and acrylic paints (mixed with a "fabric paint medium")...Actually, almost everything is made from quilting cotton and then colored. The layer I'm wearing underneath my yukata is a silk-crepe nagajuban that my Grandma gave me (along with a kurotomesode orz).
Wif is from Epiccosplay (originally bought for Irabu-sensei). Wefts were attached for length...so I wouldn't need to splurge on another wig. Nii-chan is made from two types of felt and was done completely by hand. Contacts are Blytheye GREEN from thedollyeye.com

That's it for now...this is definitely the fastest entry I've ever written.
I made sure to avoid TVXQ lives this time...had to switch to iTunes. You can't understand how difficult that switch was for my health.
Hope to finish everything soon! I have a lot on my plate with college choices, AP tests, graduation, FANIMEARGGGGGGG, and a possible Japan trip over the summer. I'm surprised that I haven't ripped my eyelashes out yet.