Jan 23, 2011

New cosplay: Hatsune Miku [おさんぽスタイル]

Made this in December, but I didn't get too many pictures, so I'll just need to rewear this cosplay?
I was told about a Vocaloid gathering in SF, and was supposed to wear Mikuo from Love is War with *hyuga-hotaru as Miku, but she wasn't able to attend...so I came up with this in two days XD The gathering was small and a bit unorganized, I didn't get any formal meals or photos taken, but I did get to meet *the-sushi-monster as well as some other amazing cosplayers!

About the costume: The base of the sweater is a gray, cotton/polyester knit, and the skirt (not pictured) is a pale pink chiffon (I liked how it turned out, but working with chiffon requires patience!). I bought the glasses at Joanns for *97 CENTS*, and colored them with a yellow Sharpie so they'd turn orange. The headphones are made from an old headband, craft foam, and acrylic paints, while the necklace is Model Magic, paint, and ribbon. I didn't get accurate sneakers, but I used a pair that I bought in Japan that coordinate nicely~ The wig belongs to a friend, and it looks crappy here because of the rain we had that day, but it's very nice!

Hatsune Miku "おさんぽスタイル" from Project Diva 2nd
Cosplay/crappy-editing-under-eyes by me
Photo by ~KeiTsubasa

Jan 8, 2011

My Past/Upcoming Cosplays

Now that introductions have been posted, I think it's necessary to show pictures from my previous costumes, as well as provide some hints as to what I'll be posting in the future.
(I won't be posting all of my old cosplays, because like most people, when I started, I sucked.)
Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2
This was the second version of this cosplay, with the addition of a wig and keyblade. I didn't have much experience with drafting my own patterns, installing zippers, or working with stretchy material, but I'm happy with the colors, as well as the wave-detailing on the handle of the keyblade.

Soul from Soul Eater
Quick cosplay for a friend's gathering. I'm most proud of the wig, and I had started on making Soul's first outfit, but I continue to put it off, so I'll probably sell the wig soon. All of the costume pieces were purchased and altered.
Len Kagamine from Vocaloid 2
This is definitely my most popular cosplay. I hope to make a third and final version of this cosplay, because my craftsmanship has gotten much better. All materials are a basic cotton, with yellow bias tape for the accents, and craft foam for the green panels on the arms. If I remake this anytime soon, I'll be adding more wefts to my new wig (not pictured), and remaking the shirt.
Rhode Camelot from D.Gray-Man
I had originally made this costume for Halloween in my Freshman year of High School, but when Fanime 2009 came around, I decided to attend the D.Gray-Man gathering as Rhode. The shirt was from an old band uniform, and I used no-fray fabric glue for the points on the sleeves and hem. I bought the skirt when I first went to Japan, and the stockings, if I can remember, were probably from a Halloween supply store. I bought the wig from an online seller in China, and styled it myself with Got2B Glued styling products.
Shiki Misaki from The World Ends With You
This is probably my most feminine cosplay to date. There's things that could be fixed, but the boots were already part-ruined once I put them on. The shirts/vest and skirt were all bought and altered with bias tape or fabric dye. The boots were painted with acrylic paints (hence the damage) and the stripes were yellow bias tape. I found the base of my hat in my mom's closet, covered it with fabric stiffener, and detailed it with acrylic paints, bias tape and Model Magic for the pins.
Len Kagamine from Vocaloid 2's "GEKOKUJOU"
Rin Kagamine was worn by my friend Mayumi, but both cosplays were made by me. The yukatas are made from yellow and black standard cotton. Mayumi's bow on her obi was made from black craft foam to keep its shape. The headphones are cardboard with acrylic paints with wire and Model Magic for the microphones. I bought my shorts, and both wigs are in the color 24B.
Len Kagamine from Vocaloid 2's "Dark Woods Circus"
This was also a late Halloween costume, but the cosplay itself restricts a lot of movement, so Mayumi and I only wore this for about 2 hours. The shirts were bought and altered with ribbon and felt. The pants (not pictured) were made with pink cotton, elastic, and various types of black ribbon. The shoes (not pictured) were bought at a Halloween supply store, and painted black. The scars were drawn with liquid eyeliner, and our faces were decorated with sequins.
Len Kagamine from Vocaloid 2's "SPICE!"
Mayumi and I had attempted to make a live action PV with these cosplays, but we only ended up with pictures. My gakuran was altered from a military jacket that I bought at H&M, and I bought the wig from an online shop in China.
Female Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2
This is one of my fastest-constructed outfits, which I think was only made in about 3.5 hours! The shirt was made from a red duck cloth, with handmade frog closures from yellow felt. I bought the sweatpants from Old Navy and altered them with elastic bands for the right silhouette. The wig was used in my Shiki cosplay, but I tied the hair back, and braided wire into it to get Ranma's famous "flying braid" effect.
Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON!'s "Don't Say "Lazy""
The base wig was a Christmas present from my family, and I made the clip-on attachment from an old wig in the same color. The dress (not pictured) was bought and altered with white ribbon and a handmade ruffle. I already owned the gloves,  the earrings are made from Model Magic attached to a pair of existing earrings, I bought the green tights (not pictured) from American Apparel.
Aisaka Taiga from Toradora!
This was my longest wig, as well as my first pleated skirt! I altered a vest pattern into a blazer, which was made from a red corduroy. The skirt is a cotton sateen, and I hand-dyed the wig using FW inks. I also bought the shoes and used the inks to lighten them.
Len Kagamine from Vocaloid 2's "IMITATION BLACK"
 I plan on getting more photos in this, but I need to make some adjustments first...The dress was made from a Halloween pattern that was way too big, and I chose a Special Occasion fabric. The corset was made with Velcro, gray bias tape, and black ribbon. The ruffles were dyed with RIT dyes, and I lined the tiers of the dress (not pictured) with wire to keep their shape (I plan on somehow removing the wire so I can sit more easily). I bought the rose from a craft store, and it's attached to the dress and yellow ribbon with hot glue.
Len Kagamine from Vocaloid 2's "Daughter of Evil"
Rin Kagamine is  made and worn by my friend Nicole. I altered the blazer and a pair of short, white gloves with yellow ribbon and fabric markers.
Chihiro from Spirited Away
I drafted the shirt pattern by myself, and made the shirt with white and green fleece. The shorts (not pictured) were used in my GEKOKUJOU cosplay, but dyed pink with RIT dye. The shoes (not pictured) were bought and painted with orange and yellow acrylic paint. The ponytail was bought from a local beauty supply store, and attached to my own hair.
 Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2
Namine is worn by my Alyson, but her costume was made by our friend Crystal. I also plan on rewearing this cosplay in order to get more pictures, I've only worn this to a private photoshoot. The wig was used in my SPICE! cosplay, but styled with Got2B Glued styling glue and hairspray. The black vest is made from a self-drafted pattern, woven twill, gray felt, with a Scupley pendant. The other shirt is made from an off-white twill, red felt for the collar,black felt for the checkers, and black bias tape for the sleeves. The wristband and rings (not pictured) are made from black and white felt. The pant-covers are made from a tan outdoors fabric, and will probably be remade in a different color. The shoes (not pictured) are my black Creepers altered with red and gray duct tape.
Ciel Phantomhive "Kissing Skull" from Kuroshitsuji
This is almost complete! I altered my own pattern for the blazer, which is made from a cotton satten. I bought a pair of shorts from eBay, which are being altered and dyed. I got the shoes as a Christmas present, and I bought and styled the wig, which may need to be dyed. I need to finish the blouse, bustle/cover, and eyepatch as well buy some socks...but I'm excited to be finishing this!

Yuna from Final Fantasy X

This has been a dream cosplay of mine for about 5 years, but now that I'll be turning 17 (Yuna's 17 in FFX), I think it's appropriate to go though and make this. I've finished her earring, and I have the base wig, which is in need of some styling. I started on the shirt and sleeves, but I don't have the correct color of dye to complete the gradient. I plan on buying the skirt from a school uniform supply website and painting the details.

Jan 7, 2011


Hello, everyone! I recently deleted my old posts because I was getting very lazy, so I've decided to start fresh~ As my blog suggests, I am a cosplayer. I make nerdy outfits. For fun.

Anyway, here's a more formal introduction.

My cosplay name is mochi-snack, which I still don't understand, but my friends came up with it in middle school. I'm barely 5'2'' (157 cm) and I don't think I'll be growing anymore. My grandma taught me the basics of sewing after I started cosplaying in 2006, but I've taught myself many techniques with the internet and experimentation.
I am also studying Japanese in school. I want to major in Japanese, and teach English overseas. I've been to Japan twice, once in the spring and the next in the summer. I plan on returning many more times, the people I've met are always so friendly and compassionate!
I hope this blog will be successful...I'm currently working on some new cosplays, and with the new year, there are new conventions to attend. I plan on writing short event reviews, as well as post pictures of my progress, makeup trials, as well as pieces from my life~ be sure to visit my deviantART account to view my photos :)

Let's hope for a good turn-out with my blog!