Jan 7, 2011


Hello, everyone! I recently deleted my old posts because I was getting very lazy, so I've decided to start fresh~ As my blog suggests, I am a cosplayer. I make nerdy outfits. For fun.

Anyway, here's a more formal introduction.

My cosplay name is mochi-snack, which I still don't understand, but my friends came up with it in middle school. I'm barely 5'2'' (157 cm) and I don't think I'll be growing anymore. My grandma taught me the basics of sewing after I started cosplaying in 2006, but I've taught myself many techniques with the internet and experimentation.
I am also studying Japanese in school. I want to major in Japanese, and teach English overseas. I've been to Japan twice, once in the spring and the next in the summer. I plan on returning many more times, the people I've met are always so friendly and compassionate!
I hope this blog will be successful...I'm currently working on some new cosplays, and with the new year, there are new conventions to attend. I plan on writing short event reviews, as well as post pictures of my progress, makeup trials, as well as pieces from my life~ be sure to visit my deviantART account to view my photos :)

Let's hope for a good turn-out with my blog!

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