Oct 24, 2013

New Cosplay: Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari

Finally, something other than a general update! Not to say that this post won't involve one, but hey, it's progress. For the past two weekends, I've had the pleasure of debuting a new cosplay. It fits into many of the general themes found in my upcoming costumes: unnecessary headgear, planned in 5 minutes, made with materials I don't commonly work with.

While Shinobu's dresses aren't difficult in their design, chiffon was my material of choice, which I've only used sparingly a few years ago. Despite it being so slippery, it was easy to gather, and the pattern I chose was very modifiable. The wig I've used is a bit curly (reusing pieces, GO FRUGALITY), but I was too lazy to straighten out this beast...and it photographed nicely, so who cares?

 yay! Bathroom selcas before leaving the house...
The makeup involves a lot of red eyeshadow and false lashes, but flash photography + untamed fringe = where did all of my work go. I ended up just looking like a typical moemoe beast at AnimeiCon.
Photo by Jiunn Chang
 Photo by Ryan Tseng
 Photo by BlizzardTerrak
 Photo by Ryan Tseng
 Photo by Kelly Dun
Oh, how I love my impaired hearing (seriously, wig and helmets aren't the best idea) and my lovely partners--Crystal as Senjougahara Hitagi, and Trina as Hanekawa Tsubasa~

I can't wait to return home in late November for Thanksgiving! I will be buying fabric for my newest cosplays, but I won't be sewing until after me semester ends. However, I received my Sakizo wig in the mail a few days ago, so expect a makeup trial soon?

Are you making or doing anything interesting? I really don't do much other than school and tutoring...

Aug 26, 2013

Nail Art and General Updates|ネイルアートと一般的なアップデート

I have successfully moved into my apartment, but I have failed to update this blog. I will be making new cosplays soon for AnimeIcon, so please wait for new photos! Today is my first day back at university...it's already boring. When I start work, I hope to become more busy so I can avoid laziness.
首尾よくアパートに引っ越したのに、このブログを更新して失敗しました。アニメアイコンのコスを作るから、写真のために待ってください!今日は大学の初日ですが。。。もう、つまらない。バイトを始める頃、怠惰と避けるために もっと忙しくなりたいと思います。

I still have an interest in nail art! Now I have to develop my own collection of polishes (>m<)
まだネイルアートの興味 があります!自分のエナメルのコレクションを伸ばすはすです。

This update was really pointless, wasn't it? I will try harder next time...

Aug 1, 2013

J-pop Summit 2013, Modeling, and KPP's Concert

You know how I said I was going to J-pop Summit and cosplaying as Kyary for her concert? Well, that ended up happening...just not as expected.

Before I left for Santa Barbara, a friend of mine shared an article on FB for a fashion show that she couldn't model for BECAUSE SHE'S TOO TALL. That really stood out to me, and on a whim, I sent in photos to be considered as a model for the HARAJUKU KAWAii!! show, held on the first day of J-pop Summit. I had high hopes, and I was already in a good mood while I was in SB, so when I received an email saying that I'd been chosen, I went straight to my phone and messaged my mom all of my feelings XD

The show was a complete success! Personally, I don't think I should have been forced into twintails (at least without bangs) and major contouring. My parents and my boyfriend said it made me look gaunt and a tad sick. However, I still got to wear NADIA and be a part of the only not-cutesy group in the show~ This show attracted a lot of people because it featured four models from ASOBISYSTEM: EVA, Seto Ayumi, Yura, and Saki Seto. Did I mention that I was often in the same room as Sebastian Masuda? I WAS. Are we total buddies now? These things take time.

Continue reading for photos~

Jul 20, 2013

Upcoming Cosplays (now with progress photos!)

I've been home for quite some time, but I've tried to limit my cosplay list to 7 new costumes in order to focus on craftsmanship and ensure that I get plenty of photos. This season's theme is...decided on in 5 minutes (and generally by someone else), poofy silhouettes, and unconventional headgear. But what characters does that inquire? In some sort of order:
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu from Glico's Pucchin Purin CM, to be worn at the J-Pop Summit festival in San Francisco on July 27-28th. Not sure when I'll be attending, but KPP will be performing that Sunday, and it's one of my sick dreams to meet a celebrity dressed as them.
EDIT: Not sure if I'll have Kyary completed now, because I was given an amazing opportunity! Harajuku Kawaii!! is having a fashion show on the 27th, and I will be modeling for them~ Never thought I'd be given a chance at modeling just because I'm short OTL
Oshino Shinobu from Bakemonogatari, aiming to debut at AnimeIcon in October. I have all of my materials, save for the goggles! Planning on making imitation Mister Donut, but my friends will have to toughen up and eat my attempts >:D
Another version of Ciel from Kuroshitsuji~ After re-wearing him at Fanime, I couldn't help but make some more ruffled monsters! I have a decent amount of black velvet in my fabric stash, as well as my red contacts, so there wasn't much of an option for me to avoid this...
Maccha Latte from Sakizo's Afternoon Tea, my first lolita-inspired project~ I've been searching for luxury fabrics online, but I don't plan on debuting this until Fanime, due to my schedule.
Hatsune Miku from Unhappy Refrain, boyfriend's fault. Have the wig picked out, finally get to work with vinyls *not sure whether to be excited to terrified*.
Hakudoushi from InuYasha, what a nostalgic costume! Might have a group for this, I'm just excited to finally play a villian...and have a giant stabby-stick orz

Have some progress pictures, I've been forcing myself to get some major work done lately, especially with my trip coming up on Friday >w<
Thankfully, a lot of wigs I own can be recycled for this season's cosplays. With some extra styling (and the help of a helmet), my Panty wig is perfect for Shinobu! Can't decide between using my EOS Adult lenses in brown or red..in the photos, I'm wearing the brown version, which are a nice gold color on light eyes.
I bought a long white wig for Hakudoushi, but it looked really flat. Luckily, I found my Soul wig amongst my wig boxes, and now I only have to trim the base wig and dye both to a pale lavender color.
Trying to crank out the rest of Kyary's Pucchin Purin outfit very quickly...I only have the shorts, boots, and gloves left. The ruffles are all ready for the shorts, and I just need to get motivated and dye my gloves, but I'm worried about the boots because of the chance of chipping paint.
Told myself I wouldn't work on anything other than Kyary and Shinobu until wintertime, but Michaels was having a sale on everything I used to make this headpiece for Ciel OTL Just need to fix one of the butterflies, and find a way to attach this to my wig.

I'm really excited for this lineup to come together! Considering that I'll be in Japan next year, I don't think that I'll be able to make any new costumes. Hoping to make it to AX next summer and attend more events in general, just to make up for my absence from the cosplay community in 2014-15. What are your plans for the upcoming season?