Oct 24, 2013

New Cosplay: Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari

Finally, something other than a general update! Not to say that this post won't involve one, but hey, it's progress. For the past two weekends, I've had the pleasure of debuting a new cosplay. It fits into many of the general themes found in my upcoming costumes: unnecessary headgear, planned in 5 minutes, made with materials I don't commonly work with.

While Shinobu's dresses aren't difficult in their design, chiffon was my material of choice, which I've only used sparingly a few years ago. Despite it being so slippery, it was easy to gather, and the pattern I chose was very modifiable. The wig I've used is a bit curly (reusing pieces, GO FRUGALITY), but I was too lazy to straighten out this beast...and it photographed nicely, so who cares?

 yay! Bathroom selcas before leaving the house...
The makeup involves a lot of red eyeshadow and false lashes, but flash photography + untamed fringe = where did all of my work go. I ended up just looking like a typical moemoe beast at AnimeiCon.
Photo by Jiunn Chang
 Photo by Ryan Tseng
 Photo by BlizzardTerrak
 Photo by Ryan Tseng
 Photo by Kelly Dun
Oh, how I love my impaired hearing (seriously, wig and helmets aren't the best idea) and my lovely partners--Crystal as Senjougahara Hitagi, and Trina as Hanekawa Tsubasa~

I can't wait to return home in late November for Thanksgiving! I will be buying fabric for my newest cosplays, but I won't be sewing until after me semester ends. However, I received my Sakizo wig in the mail a few days ago, so expect a makeup trial soon?

Are you making or doing anything interesting? I really don't do much other than school and tutoring...

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