Aug 1, 2013

J-pop Summit 2013, Modeling, and KPP's Concert

You know how I said I was going to J-pop Summit and cosplaying as Kyary for her concert? Well, that ended up happening...just not as expected.

Before I left for Santa Barbara, a friend of mine shared an article on FB for a fashion show that she couldn't model for BECAUSE SHE'S TOO TALL. That really stood out to me, and on a whim, I sent in photos to be considered as a model for the HARAJUKU KAWAii!! show, held on the first day of J-pop Summit. I had high hopes, and I was already in a good mood while I was in SB, so when I received an email saying that I'd been chosen, I went straight to my phone and messaged my mom all of my feelings XD

The show was a complete success! Personally, I don't think I should have been forced into twintails (at least without bangs) and major contouring. My parents and my boyfriend said it made me look gaunt and a tad sick. However, I still got to wear NADIA and be a part of the only not-cutesy group in the show~ This show attracted a lot of people because it featured four models from ASOBISYSTEM: EVA, Seto Ayumi, Yura, and Saki Seto. Did I mention that I was often in the same room as Sebastian Masuda? I WAS. Are we total buddies now? These things take time.

Continue reading for photos~
Models had to show up in the makeup room by 9am, but a handful of us were so delirious that we arrived by 8:30. We were given special passes and a large supply of tea to wake us up.
Hair and makeup in progress!
This is me with only my makeup done, still in my street clothes. The bathroom lighting is so harsh that you can't tell how sunken my cheeks looked >w<  Note: should've brought some brow powder...
why is this upside downnnn Yay! All dressed and ready to go, even without a full-body shot featuring my sparkle-shoes and dino-tights.
In our tent before going onstage, there was even more camwhoring and tea available.
Selcas with SETO AYUMI?! Yes, and extremely edited because my mouth and chin decided to derp on me. A FAMOUS MODEL IS TOUCHING MY ARM. And seriously, Ayumi is so precious. And tiny. She's shorter than me.
One of the models also took some behind-the-scenes footage and made an adorable video. It features me in an octopus-line...
After the show, with the 6%DOKIDOKI models, our special guests (including YUKA), and...who? KYARY PAMYU PAMYU. All of the models knew she'd make an appearance, but still, LOOK AT HER. I had to feel like a gross blob after this experience. No wonder I've been in the house without makeup for the last 4 days.
The models took some time for photos and fan-greeting (we don't deserve it), but then I went to change and EAT. SO HUNGRY. The boyfriend and I went to Isobune for sushi, and he laughed at me while I tried to un-twintail my hair in my seat. Despite his taunting, I still bought us some macarons for dessert..only two of the five tasted like anything D:

On Sunday, I treated myself to some extra sleep, and then back to SF for KPP's concert at Union Square! Unfortunately, I ran out of time/motivation to finish my Pucchin Purin outfit, but it was very cold in SF this weekend, so I'm happy I wore my normal clothes. I don't have any photos where you can see the styling on my wig, but I twisted small parts into cat ears, and that made people on the street mistake me for Kyary...As the boyfriend and I were going back to the car, a woman wouldn't stop looking at me as we passed, and I'm pretty sure I heard her mutter in awe. That could have been my inflated ego, but WHATEVERRRR
Really derpy couple photos in Uniqlo! I bought a shirt that reminds me of Wonderbread and is covered in bears. It will be hopefully be featured in the blog soon.
Salmon panini for lunch, boyfriend teased me for my small appetite. My best friend from high school then showed up and they ganged up on me orz
Yes, I watched KPP from the back the entire time. It was marvelous
The last three days really wiped me out, so I went back with the boyfriend, got mistaken for KPP, and went out for ramen. Ramen Tenma is a new favorite! It's conveniently close to my house, and they offer a small size so I can finish all of my food *angel noises*

So there you have it, my first J-pop Summit experience, and it had nothing to do with cosplay. I've spent the last few days cooped up in my house in order to gain some energy back after the last two weeks. After going to Santa Barbara for six days, I had one day of light rest at home, and then I was going back and forth to SF for three days in a row! 

I'm entering the last three weeks before the semester starts, so there won't be any conventions until AnimeIcon in October. I'll still try to post in a more efficient manner, I'm keeping up with my cooking and nail art adventures! They might even gain their own portion of the blog (I by that, I mean their own tag?)~

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You are so lucky!!! Ahh you got to model with all the Zipper models.. and got a photo with seto ayumi! Lucky, lucky, lucky girl!(♥ω♥)

    Awesome, I'm glad you had a fantastic day and experience. :)