Jan 23, 2011

New cosplay: Hatsune Miku [おさんぽスタイル]

Made this in December, but I didn't get too many pictures, so I'll just need to rewear this cosplay?
I was told about a Vocaloid gathering in SF, and was supposed to wear Mikuo from Love is War with *hyuga-hotaru as Miku, but she wasn't able to attend...so I came up with this in two days XD The gathering was small and a bit unorganized, I didn't get any formal meals or photos taken, but I did get to meet *the-sushi-monster as well as some other amazing cosplayers!

About the costume: The base of the sweater is a gray, cotton/polyester knit, and the skirt (not pictured) is a pale pink chiffon (I liked how it turned out, but working with chiffon requires patience!). I bought the glasses at Joanns for *97 CENTS*, and colored them with a yellow Sharpie so they'd turn orange. The headphones are made from an old headband, craft foam, and acrylic paints, while the necklace is Model Magic, paint, and ribbon. I didn't get accurate sneakers, but I used a pair that I bought in Japan that coordinate nicely~ The wig belongs to a friend, and it looks crappy here because of the rain we had that day, but it's very nice!

Hatsune Miku "おさんぽスタイル" from Project Diva 2nd
Cosplay/crappy-editing-under-eyes by me
Photo by ~KeiTsubasa

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