Feb 15, 2011

New cosplay: Hatsune Miku [World is Mine]

This cosplay was made in only two days because I was too lazy to make/bring something interesting to a gathering. Either way, this is super comfortable, and it fit with the Valentine theme. The gathering was pretty unprofessional, though. I'm used to going to events where as soon as you get to the location, you have a snack and go off with a photographer. At this one, my friend, her sister, and I were the only ones taking serious pictures!

About the costume: The wig is my friend's, but I've done all the styling, which involved cutting the tails and untangling them with Motions Oil Sheen. The red ribbon is velvet, and I took about 5 minutes to make it look nice...I bought the shirt at Target as a size L, and altered it with elastic and black ribbon. I found the skirt floating around in my house, but it was too long so I am practically wearing it as a dress under my shirt! The shoes are my prized Oxford heels from Forever 21~ They kept sinking into the mud, silly weather (>3<)

Photos by Manatsu Kosaka [高坂真夏]
Cosplay and photo retouching by myself

Should I post a list of what I use for my cosplay makeup? I have another event this weekend, followed by a week off from school, so I'm going to try to make a nice list of the products I use...after I find my translucent powder. I have no idea where it went.

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