Feb 24, 2011

New cosplay: Hatsune Mikuo 「恋は戦争」

I need to cosplay something without blue hair, this is ridiculous!

This was taken yesterday at a small gathering at the San Jose Convention Center, where Fanime 2011 will take place 3 months from now. I made this cosplay back in December for a Vocaloid-only gathering, but my Miku couldn't make it, and I didn't know when I'd ever wear this.

I bought and altered the shirt with a basic, turquoise cotton, which I also used to make the tie (not pictured), and belts. I bought the gloves at Daiso, and custom-dyed them to match. The megaphone is made from a plastic drink pitcher, painted black, and craft foam attached for the rim. The holster-thing is just a basic glasses case from Lens Crafters, and the wig is my friend's Miku wig without the pigtails (I've been overusing this wig so much >.<).

Hatsune Mikuo "Love is War [EAGER LOVE REVENGE]" from Vocaloid 02
Cosplay/post processing by me
photo by *Ice-and-Spice

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