Jun 9, 2011

Two new cosplays! + Fanime review

Last weekend was Fanime 2011, and I finally finished my 2 big cosplays for the year! Yuna and Ciel seemed to be a milestone for me in terms of professional construction, it was worth taking so much time to get every possible detail. The only thing I currently regret is poor time management a week before the con and not getting enough pictures. I'm currently waiting on some for Ciel, and I was invited for an impromptu photoshoot while in Yuna, but never asked for any contact information!


Anyway, I arrived with my friend, Kristina, on Friday to the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Our room was on the seventeenth floor, and it took us a while to remember how to get to our room, but it was so worth it! We had a queen-sized bed and so many mirrors~ We had one in the main room, bathroom, and another one with Hollywood lights. It was extremely convenient to have a place to regroup throughout the day where you can easily have a snack or watch TV.

Once we set up our luggage (a suitcase and a dufflebag just for me XD), I needed to organize an ironing station and get ready for a photoshoot with a friend. I was going to wear Mikuo from Vocaloid's "Love is War" with Cassie, who had originally inspired me to make a match to her Miku cosplay. After meeting up with her (and missing the Vocaloid gathering), we set off to find Erskine, our photographer, who was busy. We waited outside the convention center, got a lot of paparazzi photos, and finally got our shoot! Here are some photos, because I don't really need to explain the cosplay again.

Did I mention that as soon as I reached Fanime, I was recognized as "mochi-snack"? Usually, I'll be recognized by somebody I already know, so I go by my normal name. But these girls (mainly the Rin on the far left) knew who I was from THE INTERNET.

Photos/Editing by Erskine Noel. Minor post-edits, megaphones by me. Costumes made by wearers.

I'm hoping for more pictures, so I may edit this entire post to show off the others? I remember taking some pretty nice stair shots, which took us a while (so many interfering regulars 0_o). Let's hope I don't look so derpy in the others...Cassie's infinite cuteness makes up for a lot of it, though~

After the shoot, Cassie and I planned another one for when the sun was down, went to McDonald's, and then cancelled our shoot because she wanted to rave and I had to let another friend into my room. I found Mifuyu in the lobby of the Fairmont, and welcomed her into our SPACIOUS LIVING AREA. But then she wanted to see what was going on at the convention center, so I stayed in and tried to finish Yuna's staff. Our night was completed with me yelling at Miffy to sleep as she checked her SAT scores.


Didn't go to sleep until around midnight on Friday, but woke up pretty early (think 6:30-7am) to bring some friends to our hotel room so they could get ready. Kristina didn't stay with Mifuyu and myself the night before, so she came early before her shift at the Maid Cafe.

Our view! If you angled your head to the left, you could see some of the convention center. If there was a photoshoot going on at the fountains, we could always watch >.<

Our room was quickly turned into a war zone. So much fabric and extra clothes. I'm pretty sure our guests were occupying our bathroom and mirrors by now.

Hard at work! Finishing up painting (not even dressed XD) while Kristina curls her hair (already dressed), and Miffy (taking the picture) lays on the bed and watches Yugioh...a large portion of our morning was reminiscing over that show.

Ready to go? Woooo, messy room.

Yuna was definitely the best in terms of reactions of other attendees. Every time I was asked for a photo, which was often, there would be at least four other photos taken. It got pretty bad at one point, I was standing in one pose for a few minutes! And cosplaying as a female (with boobs, remember), I got a boatload of comments about my appearance. Positive, yes, but it was very different from what I'm used to. A lot of guys asked for pictures WITH me, and then they'd casually have their arm around my waist until the photo was finished being taken. DON'T THINK I DIDN'T NOTICE, GUYS. But yeah, great reception. One couple came up to me, took my picture, and stared for a while, just to say "You really ARE Yuna!"...I think they were checking my contacts? Another family had me take a picture with their young son, who they said was named after Tidus from the same series.

I think I'll do an entire costume explanation after I get more photos. There's a gathering in August that I think I'll wear Yuna to. By then, I need to fix my staff, and get some stronger double-sided tape. I thought the top would be alright, but I got some major side-bra going on in most of my shots XD

Miffy had a gathering at midnight, so we were walking back to the hotel at about 12:30-1am, and I was hardly wearing a shirt. But look at our nighttime view!


Sunday was a bit more relaxed. Although I didn't get to sleep until about 1:30, I slept in more, and I was so excited about wearing my other new cosplay, Ciel from Kuroshitsuji. Both Miffy and Kristina had to work in the Maid Cafe that afternoon, so we all left together. We made a game out of it; I was obviously Ciel, the young Earl, while I had my two adorable maids cater to my every wish as we walked to the convention center. Once we arrived, Miffy would take my camera bag, saying "Yes, Bocchan".

Look! More camwhoring before we leave! Can you find the skull I had to carry around all day?

My beautiful maids! I decided that if, and when, I make a movie regarding my life, there will be various short films about badass maids. One, played by Kristina, enjoys skateboarding and showing up to hotels looking hung over (she only did one of these things, can you guess which?), and the other, played by Miffy, enjoys eating Saltines and playing zombie-killing video games (true story).

Found Katheryne as Quina from FFIX! You can see some of my bustle, but I think I may need to remake a majority of it. I think the coat weighed down some of it, and walking around and running into other people damaged to vertical straps. I'm hoping to remake the foam straps and replace them with plastic or a sturdy fabric.

See? Damaged bustle. It lays completely wrong. That, and my shoes ruined my feet as soon as I put them on, so I don't think I look very awake.

Better-ish shot of my makeup and skull! I went crazy with the eye makeup because I only had to do one eye. I did the basic black/gray liner (not too thick, I wanted to show my crease), and half lashes on the top and bottom for an extra boost.

BW Ball group~ Don't my once-maids look lovely? Is it weird that I had to wear 2" heeled shoes and a top hat to be the same height? And that I have to be WAY taller than Miffy for our Kuragehime cosplays?

I can't help but say that this was obviously the best-looking skull at Fanime 2011.

We stopped by the BW Ball, but the line was very long, so we didn't go inside. We also had some people that wouldn't be allowed inside anyway, so we all went to Quickly's for pearl tea and snacks. We walked around a bit, went back to Fanime, and took some purikura in the game room (which I'm still waiting for). I returned to the hotel room by about midnight, and Miffy, Kristina, and I watched River Monsters. Hotels = crap TV, and lots of it.


NO COSPLAY. Weird. I've never gone to Fanime without wearing anything remotely nerdy (the most normal was Harajuku fashion 3 years ago). However, I was recognized. Not by name, but a man asked if I had cosplayed Yuna this weekend. Miffy and I walked around for a little while, but we were too tired, and went back to the hotel for our luggage. We decided some plans for next year on the way home. Post-con depression hit me hard, but no tears. I just felt extremely lazy, and then I really wanted to make more outfits (I'm planning on doing that today, actually).

So there you have it. Fanime 2011. Best part? Having a hotel room. It was a great investment. Worst part? The unavoidable costume-malfunctions and NOT SCHEDULING PHOTOSHOOTS. Miffy and I are already compiling a list of things to bring/do next year, let's hope it works!

School is finished, and I started working at a local pool the other day (today is my first day off~). I need to schedule some photoshoots this summer or I'll go crazy.

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