Dec 4, 2011

Long time, no blog!

I'm sorry that I haven't updated since Fanime 2011...I always say school is busy, but even when it isn't, I'm pretty lazy. After Fanime, I had my final exams and started a summer job. I had time to sew, but I didn't attend any gatherings.
Around February 2011, I was secretly invited to join a group doing Vocaloid's "Sandplay of the Singing Dragon" as Len. The selected cosplayers had great portfolios, and I had idolized most of them already, but was too nervous to introduce myself. So we every-so-slowly worked on our cosplays (mine wasn't done until the day of our shoot. Hello, procrastinator~), and presented our group at NorCal's last YaoiCon. Unfortunately, our Luka didn't receive her cosplay in time, and our Miku couldn't make it to the shoot, so we found a replacement Miku and shot with the original six characters (Miku, the twins, Meiko, Kaito, and Gakupo).
About the costume:
Because I was working with a twin, and a very detail-oriented twin at that, I bought enough material for two cosplays, and split it among myself and Rachael (my Rin). Rachael sent her materials to a commissioner because of her hectic schedule, but Len's design isn't too difficult, so I drafted the pattern for the coat myself, and the pattern for the shorts was taken from a project I did at school. Both coats are made of black bridal satin and lined; the edge is satin ribbon while the gold is a braided, bead trim. Both my shorts/glove and Rachael's skirt/neck ribbon are red stretch velvet. My belt buckle is a mix of Sculpey, Model Magic, and rhinestones, all coated with silver spray paint. The next time I wear this, I need to fix my belt, BUY sock garters, and attach some more buttons to my sleeves.

Picture Time~
 Group shot!

 With Richard Bui, our wonderful photogrpaher~ hurrrr, I actually look tall. This never happens XD

Photo by Jia-Ling Pan, we missed you as Luka!

Thank you for looking, I'll be sure to post soon with my current projects. Let's hope I'm not overrun with laziness OTL

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