Mar 9, 2013

This kid is always buying makup...いつもメイク買ってる子

I went to ULTA yesterday! It's pretty dangerous that it's close to my campus, huh?
Since I'm going home next week, I think I'll do some cosplay makeup tests if I have time. I got a request to make a tutorial! I feel like a pro~

So what did I buy at ULTA?

 Rimmel London "Stay Matte" Pressed Power in 001 Translucent
Since my forehead is a bit oily, this is really useful~
If you use it on top of foundation, it will stay perfect all day!
額がちょっと 油っぽいから、これは大切ね(>w<)

 Maybelline "Rocket Volum'Express" Mascara in Very Black (Waterproof formula)
I haven't really used Maybelline mascara before, but I like this brush~
And because it's waterproof, you don't have to touch-up at photo events.

 Real Techniques "Starter Set"
Real Techniques makeup brushes! I've seen these brushes be used in videos from Pixiwoo on Youtube.
REAL TECHNIQUESのメイクブラシ!YOUTUBEからPIXIWOOさんのビデオで、このブラシセットを使うって見た。

 NYX "HD Concealer", "Auto Eyebrow Pencil", "Lip Liner Pencil", "Glide On Eyeliner"
 NYX is also really cheap and high quality makeup. I bought the HD Photo Concealer Wand, Auto Eyebrow Pencils, Lip Liner Pencil, and Glide On Eyeliner. The eyebrow pencils are a bit red, but if you put a powder on top they should be better?

After that, I went to Sally's to find things to cut some wigs.

Since I've never used a razor before, I'm really exited~
 カミソリを使ったことないから、ワクワクしてるよ 。(>3<)。

I also bought some wig clips. I heard that if you attach them to the inside of the wig, it won't fall off.

Well then, I'll try to finish my cosplays next week? I'LL DO MY BEST

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