May 1, 2012

Fanime Countdown! + photos and a completed cosplay

24 DAYS.
Not ready. Getting there, but not quite.
Lucky for me, the NorCal Cherry Blossom Festival was 2 weeks ago, so I had a new cosplay completed for the occasion!
and because it's finished, I'll be bringing Irabu to Fanime because it's a comfortable eyesore.
so have some photos:
 met up with Crystal and Trevor as soon as I arrived in JapanTown! And then we went on an adventure to find takoyaki...unfortunately, I think the booth trolled us. Didn't taste any octopus out of the 8 I bought OTL

We took a lot of pictures in line (it was at least 15 minutes long TwT). This is devoted to the back of my head and Trevor's unmatchable photobombing skills. 
 (photo by Kei Tsubasa)
We roamed around for a few hours (Crystal and I were interviewed for a TV program!), and found good spots to watch the parade. There was a lot of playing around. But mostly tie-pulling. They're just jealous because I finally have a ducky tie and they don't.

(totally aware of how out-of-focus this it)
All in all, I had a great time. This costume was recognized much more than I expected. Kuchu Buranko is a pretty unappreciated series because of the obscure characters and animation style. But the people I met through this cosplay were all so friendly!

About the costume:
The pants were the only thing I made completely from scratch. They're pink quilting cotton, and painted with my odd mix of acrylic paints. The ears are green felt attached to a headband. I bought the glasses from Forever21, popped out the lenses, and painted the frames with red acrylics and nail polish. I bought the tie from DAISO, made a duck stencil, and painted the ducks with fabric paints. Details on the wig are in my previous blog post. The lab coat was a birthday present from my mom...even though I found it and picked it out from a medical uniform store. The shoes are my trusted cosplay-sneakers from Japan (yayyyyyy).

And now for some progress photos!
still working on Kyary's skirt...needs a few more bags. Ever since I stuffed them with tissue paper, gaps started showing up.

Type H makeup test~ I finished the armwarmers, too, but I'm too lazy for photos...

I really need to start finishing more cosplays. I have lists made, but I need more motivation! 

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