May 6, 2012

Fanime Countdown: 19 Days!

I'm almost ready~ at least I think I'm almost ready.
Spent the last 2 days sewing and dying many things...but I only have a few pictures of what I worked on today.

As of right now, Panty (default) is complete except for the wig, which can be styled at the hotel. I dyed the dress again yesterday with a polyester-specific dye, and it turned out beautifully :D
I also sewed the bows for my friend's matching Stocking cosplay. I need to attach pins to the bows and buy/attach white ribbon/lace to the dress, and I'll be done!

I worked on Type H Miku for most of the weekend. I made my first pair of bootcovers, and I don't understand why I put them off for so long; they're surprisingly easy! I made the pattern yesterday, but I was convinced I'd need zippers to get them onto my legs. It turns out that my silly calves wouldn't fit even with the zippers, so I added a 3-inch extension to the backs of the covers, and now they fit without any closures~
Here is a boot at about 75% completion. They're complete now, but it's very hot in the Bay Area today, so I didn't want to put them on for pictures. After this photo was taken, I added a 6-inch cuff to the top and hemmed the bottom of the boot (around the toe). When I wear these, I'll need some double-sided tape to attach the covers to the shoe, but that's it! 

Wig wise, I'm at a bit of a stopping point. I was dying some loose wefts to attach to my Miku wig as twintails, but the color is uneven and a bit dark. I just bought some more, and if they're too dark, I'll dye the base wig a little bit. The only successful part of this wig has been the styling of the base.
 Originally a medium-length bob style that I bought almost 4 years ago XD
Layered with styling shears to a long pixie cut. A friend of mine will be borrowing it (without twintails or gray extensions) for his "Secret Police" Luki cosplay.
I really like the style of this wig now that it's been cut, though. My hair is naturally wavy, so even if I cut it, I'd have to put a lot of time into styling it. So when I'm in Japan this summer, I may just bring some wigs with me if I get too lazy to do my hair OTL

Need to keep working! Here's a list of what needs to be done:
Miku: attach wefts, buy accessories (belts, thigh highs)
Kyary: style wig, buy shoes (+attach ribbons), add more bags to the skirt
Stocking (commission): finish bows, add white details (lace/ribbon)

But I have 2 giant exams on Thursday. In 2 different languages. So I must cram. Or else I will write 3 advanced English literature essays in intermediate Japanese. And vice-versa.
And then I may be given permission to infiltrate Google headquarters to attempt to see my husband U-know the one :P 
Need to hurry up and finish everything!

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