May 12, 2012

Fanime Countdown: 13 Days!

Almost done...just not there quite yet.
I'll be shopping this morning so hopefully I can finish everything by next weekend
Uknow the one.
Anyway, I have some more (but not really) progress pictures to share of what I'm hoping to finish in the next two days~

it isn't for me, but it's almost finished! Just need to buy and attach the white lace/ribbons.
This is for Miffy, who, unless I move to Japan and live in her closet, won't be available to cosplay with anymore D: So as a combination birthday-Christmas-we'll miss you-present, I decided to make this to go with my Panty cosplay. 

 Current Type-H progress, minus the base wig, because I don't want to wear it until my wefts come in (I hope they come in soon >.<)
Need belts on the top and skirt, so I also have to attach belt loops to the top...and now the top looks giant on me. I either lost weight or I did some secret technique last time I wore it. I'll probably bring my super-spy backless bra gives some extra padding so my costumes don't look like they're being worn by a prepubescent child.

Need to get to work! I'll be sitting in front of the computer attempting to reserve Google tickets tonight, so I need to get a much as I can before 5pm just to be safe.

I didn't even remember that I wrote this THIS MORNING XD
my brain just exploded a little bit.
Anyway, while I didn't sew like a monster, I got some cosplays OFFICIALLY FINISHED
both versions of Panty, and my Stocking commission are complete!

 love the trim. I just can't not
sleeves look sloppy on my dress form, but that's because they're Juliette sleeves and therefore too heavy to stay up without arms shoved inside.
But it's done and I'm happy~

Finished painting stripes on my socks for Panty, so I'm ready for Day 3 at Fanime.
Attached red belt-loops to my Type H top (not accurate, but I don't care anymore XD), bought belts at DAISO. Still need thigh highs and the wefts for my wig.

Stopped caring about curling my Kyary wig, so I went ahead and safety-pinned the massive bow onto the wig itself. May test it out to see how many pins I'll need to keep both parts stuck to my head...still need more bags, and my shoes.

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