May 22, 2012

Non-cosplay: MBC Korean Music Wave Concert 2012

I know this is primarily a cosplay blog, but there is so much going on in my life right now that doesn't involve cosplay! So in the next few months, expect more of these "non-cosplay" posts~

Anyway, I had the wonderful luck of attending the MBC Korea Music Wave concert hosted by Google and Youtube! My friend has connections to Google, so she surprised me with tickets, even though I fought long and hard to get some online. I didn't have school on the day of the event, either, so I had more reasons to go.
I woke up Monday morning at 4:45am and left the house by 6:15. I shamefully didn't ask my dad to drive me there the night before, but he still put up with my antics and brought me to Shoreline. My friends left at 5am, so I met up with them and camped out for THE ENTIRE DAY.
While in line, all I did was sit and eat while contemplating sleep. Sleep never came, but I met some nice people in line, ran across the parking lot at the idea of buying cheap posters (didn't have TVXQ, didn't get any), and was interviewed with 10 other people by a Korean news group...had to sing the chorus of SNSD's "The Boys" (even though I told the camera that I was there to see TVXQ orz).
Half of my friends were split up because only a small number of us got tickets from a Google employee, so once tickets were passed out to the online voucher line, we sneaked in to their area in order to get seats together. Waited in that INSANELY CROWDED line for over an hour, and then everyone fought each other to get into the security lines. That was the most difficult part for me. I was okay with waiting (even though I should have brought more things to do), and I didn't have a problem finding seats (my friends saved one for me), but that mob! I heard someone say "mimi", and all I could think about was what does mimi even mean? Because it means "ear" in Japanese, but that didn't really belong in context. I guess it means "push everyone in your path without mercy" in kpop fan language.
So after I managed to get through security and the mimi-mob unscathed, I speed-walked into the arena by myself...and my friends already had seats, lucky!

 this is basically how close we were to the stage. 7TH-ISH ROW. 
I could see idol-sweat and everything.
 Sun blinded-Kristina and fake idol-poser me XD
I don't even care that once we got our seats, we had to wait for maybe 2 hours.
Somehow, Kristina managed to get into the VIP area after the security was finished checking VIP-specific tickets...we weren't confronted about this, so yay!

 After brief speeches from the VP's at MBC and Youtube, Tiffany and Taeyeon came out as the MC's! Looking at female idols is so nerve-wracking. The more I watched, the more overweight and uncoordinated I felt XD
 And after Kara opened the show with one song (no pictures), MBLAQ was the first to do a full set~ I don't usually listen to them (although I do watch them when they're on Music Bank), but their stage presence was great! They're really good at maintaining their tough image while performing, even though they said they were nervous during their MC.
 Sistar was next, they looked so confident :O
It was so weird watching their backs during Ma Boy, I don't think they're supposed to move like that...
Kristina was really excited to see them, especially Amber. They seemed very relaxed, and they didn't depend on Amber to do the entire English MC~ 
 Our seats were so wonderful. I don't even like my camera very much, but it proved itself to be quite the hero with some select shots from the concert.
 Sun Ye came out to do a solo ballad dedicated to her father who recently passed away. It was amazing to see her sing, the video that played before she came in made me want to cry, so it was crazy seeing her perform without breaking down.
Seohyun was next to do her solo "Flying Duck"...which doesn't strike me as a very graceful animal, but she was adorable when she was singing and jumping around the stage.
Kara came back to do a full set, and I continued with my idol leg-envy.
they're they second reason why I even came so early.
They opened with Shock, which was the first song of theirs I had ever heard.
I'm surprised I didn't cry.
They continued with Fiction, and the members looked SUPER serious. Dongwoon was pretty close to us for the beginning, and despite our obsessive waving, he stared straight for what seemed like an entire minute.
They finished up with Beautiful~ It was nice to see the members relax a bit more :P
In the end, Kristina and I were waved to by Kikwang, Yoseob, Dongwoon, and Dujun!
I'm glad it happened, we seemed to be sitting in the Beauties-only section...
SNSD was next, but they were missing 2 members due to their hectic filming schedules.
I'm pretty sure they had the most/loudest fans in the audience, everyone went crazy when the girls came out. The performed The Boys, Mr. Taxi, and finished with their classic Gee.
The Wonder Girls were next~ They did a cute dance tutorial with the audience for Nobody, but everyone already knew the dance because it's a kpop classic XD
Almost done!
Super Junior came out in an odd fashion. Most of the audience was facing the back of the arena, but I couldn't see anyone. Eventually some of the members came walking down the aisles, while some of them surprised everyone with showing up on stage when the audience was turned around. They were really serious in their performaces, but they were all so cheerful in their MC~ Every member introduced themselves in English, and then Leeteuk took over and did a majority of their speech in Korean.

Easily the best part of the show, no wonder they went last. And I'm not saying that out of my extreme love for them. My friends who claimed to not like them very much were gushing after their performance. Yunho and Changmin's stage presence was unmatched. They're ridiculously serious while performing, they don't take single-second breaks to wave to their fans, and that's fine. BECAUSE THE PERFORMANCES ARE PERFECT.
 Opened with Keep Your Head Down, I was so excited to see this live. TVXQ always acts so rough when they perform this song (especially in Japan...) I was too focused on screaming and unleashing my true fangirl to think about anything else.
 And then they did Before U Go. I cried. My friends who were sitting 2 or 3 rows behind me said they knew, which confused me, because I don't think I cried too much or too loudly.
it's beautiful
and I totally forgot that in the live version, there's a dance sequence with sexy dipping and crotch grabs...I have a photo, but it's a bit blurry. I wonder why orz
 They did their MC next~ Yunho opened in English, talking to the audience about if they were having a good time, and then switched to Korean. Changmin came in with Korean, and then ended their speech with some adorable English: "ARE YOU READY TO GET CRAZYYY?!"
Oh Changmin, what are you, 5? 
I was so giddy to see this live. After Purple Line, Rising Sun was one of the first TVXQ songs I ever heard (even though I knew the original version...) I love the obscure choreography and both Yunho and Changmin look so confident and professional!
*just going to spam now*

In the end, I proudly cried and shouted constantly.
I'm pretty sure Changmin waved to Kristina and me, and while Yunho didn't wave to most of the audience, he did look over at our part of the audience during Keep Your Head Down (granted, he looked like he was about to shoot someone. Yunho always maintains that extreme look. Love him so much OTL)
What really surprised me was how loud the audience cheered when they came on. I didn't see many obvious Cassies, but TVXQ has been around for a long time, so of course they had such a reaction~ That, and how they performed. I already said that they were (and always will be) amazing, but compared to the other artists, TVXQ made everyone else look half-asleep. They were focused, had extremely clean choreography, and impeccable charisma.

Now that I'm home for a normal day...I don't even know. My brain has become a puddle of mush. This concert was so emotionally moving and a great experience. The only regret having is not making myself an obvious Cassie as well. I should have brought a poster or a sign, and wear my "always keep the faith" t-shirt Kristina gave me (I wore it the day before, how stupid)...

I have 3 days until Fanime, I still have some things to work out (COME ON UPS), but this concert made me feel so great! I know I'll try to channel some of the idols' energy when I'm shooting, I'm going to need it >.<


  1. Fun fan account! And those are some great photos you got there. Thanks for sharing the experience :)

  2. Great account! I was watching through youtube live streaming :) I'm a Cassie too, and I don't say this out of bias, but Changmin was the *best* singer all night. Watching all of the other performances I had to increase the volume to even hear them, but Changmin sang perfectly, loudly and clearly! I was in awe, seriously.

    And from the streaming, they did a huge amount showing the fans - there were a lot of red balloons :) The concert was a good mix for all groups.

    Thanks for the share!