Jan 24, 2013

What to Expect in 2013 *upcoming cosplays*

I'm attempting to be a better blogger in the new year...so far, ideas about blog posts have been running through my head, so I guess that helps orz

Fanime is coming, and every cosplay that I plan to bring is brand new! When I was home for my winter vacation, I got a satisfactory amount of sewing done >w<

So what am I bringing, exactly?

In no particular order:
XIAH Junsu "Tarantallegra"
yes, one of my first kpop cosplays, and it happens to be one of my many dream-husbands. 

 2NE1's Dara "CAN'T NOBODY"
have all of the materials, not to excited about finishing that space suit though...

 Guilty Crown's Yuzuriha Inori
this actually isn't new at all, I wore it a month ago >3<

 Hakaba Kitaro/Gegege no Kitaro
finished most of this cosplay last weekend, would be nice to have some monsters to shoot with~

 好きっていいなよ's Tachibana Mei
 Easy cosplay, doing the winter uniform because I really love sweaters...


I started my new classes this week, and the workload looks a bit heavy, so I'm really happy that I got so much work done when I was home. I'll be sure to plow through the rest of this list during my spring break! And if absolutely necessary, I have maybe a week in between the end of my finals and hotel check-in >w<

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