Jul 12, 2013

Most Neglectful Blogger, Here! Fanime 2013 and NorCal Summer

I am so sorry that I haven't been updating on a somewhat-regular basis. I haven't even been that busy, but every time I think about posting, something happens within my brain and it just doesn't happen. Recently, I've made an effort into forcing myself into adopting more hobbies. Hopefully that will produce enough photos, even after I move back to Monterey for school, so there will be no excuse to avoid this blog! Fair warning, while this is predominantly a cosplay blog, if I remember to update, there may be a new rush of photos including my meals and nail art...

Anyway, two months ago, I attended my seventh FanimeCon! It was not as busy as I had imagined, especially when I was too lazy to schedule shoots for all seven of my cosplays. There are some cosplays that I still need more photos of, so despite my shorter list for the 2013-14 season, some already-completed costumes will show themselves again. BUT ENOUGH WITH THIS HOPELESS TYPING..have some photos from my Fanime adventures~

Day 1
Wore Irabu again for a shoot with Johnny, who put up with me conversing in two languages and being threatened with blowing away. I don't think I've mentioned this to anyone, but while wearing this alongside the Jojo gathering, a man asked if he could get a photo with me upon his shoulder. It was a bizarre request, but I went along with it and have yet to see any evidence. Come on, internet.

After wearing Irabu for a few hours, I changed into Kitaro for a little while. It wasn't anticipated at all, but a small number of people recognized my costume (I also saw another Kitaro later in the weekend)! Unfortunately, as I took photos with some classmates, Medama Oyaji fell on the floor and broke an arm and a leg. I'll need to perform surgery before I wear this again...

Day 2
I tried to get a decent amount of sleep after trotting around in Kitaro, had a 9am shoot with Ben in my boyfriend's room for Hagane Miku~ Didn't wear this around the con too much, but my feet were killing me, so I had to be a diva and change into a kpop suit. That's definitely one of my most logical decisions I've ever made.
/blessing the internet with this beauty/ Fanime played a surprising amount of kpop at Stage Zero this year, but I guess not enough people follow the godsend that is Kim XIAH Junsu. Not sure when I'll be wearing this again. Boyfriend wants to go to KCon in August in this getup, but it'll be crazy hot and that's at the very beginning of my semester OTL

Day 3
No costume malfunctions because Sunday was old-cosplay day! I haven't worn Ciel since 2011, made sure to get photos with Ben and Sara that morning. Didn't even occur to me that Sunday is church-going day for many people...and was brave enough to shoot on the steps of the church next to my hotel. Lucky for me, the people that were late to the service still stopped for paparazzi photos. My bustle survived this time, I remade it using plastic as opposed to the wood and craft foam method from high school. It proved to be very lightweight, flexible for posing, and impressive enough to keep people from talking to me (which is a shame, I don't feel like I was social enough! SOMEONE TALK TO ME)

Changed into Inori, had started to schedule a shoot, but it fell through. However, I made plans to shoot...eventually with a friend of mine who has the school uniform for Shu~ I even go to take a selca with a stranger, what a new experience. It still makes me laugh when I invite old classmates to my hotel room for lunch as a small British boy, and once they show up at my door with sandwiches, this is what I look like XD I'm sure they're used to it by now.

For the last day, I did a super lazy couple cosplay! We did purikura as a lame excuse for a photoshoot, but I have yet to scan mine. Now that I have a smartphone, I can only hope to document events better.

After Fanime, I finally attended a NorCal gathering after a year. University took a lot out of my schedule, and these gatherings always happened a week before or after I had come home for a visit. This situation may improve considering that I'll be living away from my campus with a vehicle. I CAN SEW WHEN I WANT AND GO PLACES AND DANCE AND COOK AND ARGH..when I'm not tutoring people. Having experience from the summer picnic last year (going back on topic), I made sure to make something comfortable and covered enough to withstand either hot or cold weather. What did I choose? TSURITAMAAAA

This is me in my natural environment. I had a great time meeting up with people I had missed at Fanime! I didn't get too many photos because without fellow fishermen, people don't always know Tsuritama unless if you call out GAY FISHING ANIME...I wanted to shoot this again in the fountains by the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, even if it means sacrificing my safety in the rash-producing city water.

This post was getting long, so I'll stop here and do a general update as well as 2013-14 future cosplay list soon. I will be in Santa Barbara next week for 6 days to attend a language-teaching seminar, and a few days after that, I will be in San Francisco for Jpop Summit! Not sure which day, but preferably Sunday because Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be performing in Union Square. Need to power through my cosplay because I'm sick enough to want to see an idol while in a costume of them, but decide that the craftsmanship must be great in case if they were to see me up close. Don't even ask

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