Apr 26, 2013

Current Fanime Lineup!

Feeling a bit too lazy to write this out in Japanese, I have a business-etiquette video to film, so my language abilities must be saved until then...

Now that FanimeCon 2013 is only 27 days away, many of my friends have decided to share their costume schedules as a motivator. Considering that I'm still living in the dorms, I can't really work on anything besides my lineup, which I have just recently completed.

So what will I be bringing this year? 7 COSPLAYS. LAST YEAR STOPPED AT 5

Friday: Series that the US hasn't heard of
 Irabu Ichirou from Kuuchuu Buranko! Haven't worn this since CBF 2012~
Following with Hakaba Kitarou/Gegege no Kitarou. I only have some small details to finish with this, it's a really simple cosplay that I have strictly planned to wear to Psycho Donuts XD

Saturday: Singing BAMPHS that didn't always ooze sex appeal
So excited to finish up TARANTALLEGRA, even though at this point, there won't be a group to dance with...Need to choose a pair of boots, but I'm cheap so that will probably be put off until I move back home orz
Return of Type-H, now with more accuracies~ Last year was pretty unorganized, bought that wig less than an hour before the shoot, missing some accessories, ect. I HAVE THEM NOWWW

Sunday: Characters that are too beautiful for their own good and know it
Time to fix up the butt-cage for Ciel! Wore this at Fanime 2011, but the bustle was dead by the end of the weekend. This time, I'm using hula hoops and plastic sheets so the form should be much more sturdy. Might be adding some bling too, but that's just me :P
Just got a possible shoot for Inori~ Got better socks for this costume, and I need to fix the wig/accessories, but this is the newest thing I have finished so it shouldn't need a lot of work.

Monday: Uniforms because I'm too lazy on move-out day
Only thing that needs prep is the wig, and the skirt always needs ironing...Don't pay attention to the reference, doing the winter uniforms instead >:D

So there you have it, my crazed costume plans. Apparently, I have a lot of people staying in my room. This is the third time I've gotten a hotel room, but I've only ever had one roommate. That was the initial plan, but my classmates needed a place to relax, and they offered to over a large portion of the cost. I also designed and ordered my own set of cosplay name cards so I won't have any unknown photos floating around the internet (I hope). When they come in the mail, I'll be sure to write a review of my experience~

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