Apr 6, 2013

A Month in Photos | 写真で一ヶ月

I'm sorry that I haven't been updating after I finished the makeup tutorials! I only have 6 weeks of school left...and then I have one week to finish everything for Fanime OTL
メイクチュートリアルの完成から更新しなかったごめんなさい! 授業の六週までだ。。。ファニメの物を作って終わるために一週だけある OTL

Here is what I did from Spring Break until now~
I went to eat crepes a lot when I went home...
I also went on a cute date to SF~ spent the night before working on bento!
I have been focusing on healthy eating because I really hate exercise. This is a mushroom and tofu curry with tomato salad that I made.
I finished more cosplay things when I went home for Easter than I did during Spring Break...Made Medama Oyaji for my Kitaro costume, as well as Junsu's pants and Mei's skirt~
We had a picnic on Easter with my childhood friends, we are obviously very photogenic, right?

This month, I am going to be very busy! There are lots of fun events coming up~

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