Mar 23, 2013

Cosplay Makeup: Welcome to Eyelash-Land~

I'm back with what will most likely be the last of the basic looks: classic moe OTL I preferred cosplaying boys for the longest time, but that doesn't mean I never learned how to put on some falsies! False eyelashes can be really make a difference, and with cosplay, mascara just doesn't always cut it.
The base is practically the same as the crossplay makeup look, with the addition of false eyelashes, liquid eyeliner, some optional shimmer, and a colored lip cream.
  1.  I've already put in my contacts, applied my foundation, filled in my eyebrows, and pinned my hair away from my face (I was going out, so I chose not to put on a wig cap).
  2. Like with male characters, the first step is to brighten the inner corners of the eyes with an off-white shadow, and then begin to line the eyes with a medium-brown color.
  3. Afterwards, I went over the existing liner with a darker shade of brown to make more of a gradient, and lined under my upper lashes with a black eyeliner pencil. If you are not comfortable with liquid eyeliner or false eyelashes, you can just curl your lashes, add mascara, as well as lip/cheek color and be done. This method is really good for simple, natural-looking characters.
  4. This order is really up to your own preference, but I tend to do my lashes before I apply any liquid eyeliner so I don't make my line too thick. I also cut the lash band in half to make application much easier. BE PATIENT WITH YOUR EYELASHES. Falsies are tough. I still get frustrated with them half the time, so practice applying them a few times before you go to a convention.
  5. I also prefer to curl my lashes and apply mascara after the glue on the falsies has dried. Doing this helps mesh your real lashes with the fake ones, so they appear more natural (even though the shape is still really crazy). Wearing mascara on the lower lashes is really important because it helps balance out the craziness up top. I suggest using a waterproof formula; it holds its curl and it lasts a long time without smudging, perfect for events!
  6. The lashes I'm wearing are pretty huge, so my eyeliner is practically invisible. However, using liquid liner can help hide the band of the eyelashes and make them less noticeable (which sounds terribly confusing, I know). From up close, there is no longer a gap from brown eyeshadow to black eyelashes!
  7. Almost done! The hardest part of this look is definitely the eyelashes and liquid eyeliner. By now, I have applied white eyeliner to my waterline, and some shimmer to the inner corners of my eyes, which really add to the dolly-effect. I also prepped my lips for color with a warm washcloth and lip balm.
  8. Now that the eyes are done, all you need to do is apply some lip and cheek color. I admit, I didn't always do this, but they really liven up the face in photos. I don't wear blush or lip cream on a regular basis, so I'd suggest finding a neutral pink or coral shade that can be used with most costumes. The important thing is to keep the rest of the face quite simple because the eyes are so crazy.
And that is the finished look~ I hope these tutorials prove to be useful for someone. Now that I'm done with my basic looks, I may focus more on the makeup that I use for specific I guess I'll just take pictures as I do my makeup at Fanime?

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